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The WHO has not requested the data from CDC because the US has been attacking the WHO daily and Dr. Ghebreyesus knows the US can get him fired. But Dr. Ghebreyesus and Dr. Gao and every Health Minister on earth know the truth. Dr. Remuzzi’s Italian DNA is traceable. So is China’s. The world is very good at tracing Coronaviruses back through their generations and China has done so and now it seems the shit is about to hit the fan.

Here’s what happened in Chinese cyberspace today (Thomas Hon Wing Polin, Facebook):


It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.
The 300-strong US contingent stayed 300 meters from the Huanan Seafood Market where China’s outbreak began (see map below) at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel.
Five of the US troops developed a fever on Oct. 25 and were taken to an infectious-diseases hospital for treatment.
42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. At the time only 7 people from the market had been thus diagnosed (and treated before the hotel staff). All 7 had contact with the 42 from the hotel. From this source, the virus spread to the rest of China.
The American Military Games team trained at a location near Fort Detrick, the military’s viral lab closed down by the CDC in July for various deficiencies.
The big question now is whether the transmission was planned, or accidental.
Chinese authorities are awaiting an explanation from US authorities.

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1 week 15 minutes ago #380859 by BORA AND PORK
So before everyone wakes up, I'm curious. What's everyone using to self medicate these days to get through the day?

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6 days 22 hours ago #380868 by ketchim
I got 200 mg pills of HydroChloroquine

low dosage but a good 'insulation'/ pre-emptive....

Nigerians are overdosing on it and dying !

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