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Belmont 2019: Results

09 Jun 2019 10:04 #372204 by mapoui
I am glad I wrote all of that in the fus' Belmont thread..ad in a hurry too. it demonstrates that I can still think somewhat straight.

to be honest low blood sugar is killing my mind..I cant do what I used to do. 5 years ago this race would not have been a problem. I knew right away that Sir Winston would win the Belmont and said so. the next day I am prevaricating.

I established that Joevia could be part of the winning mix then he is not part of my finalists. I literally forgot about him when listing my faves. forgot you know..FORGOT!.

look at John Velasquez! I had noted that as he got older he has been becoming a kind of impse or negative talisman. like he fell off his horse in the Kentucky Derby. and yesterday some shit happened at the start of the Belmont and he was what...8 to last when tons of people bet on his horse..again!

easy like that I noted Johnny V burning punters money and figure that he is old not, its time to let him dong easily by easing off betting him. and I forgot! again!

the problem is that every now and then Johnny remembers who he is and runs a great race and you say Wow! Johnny is back! but he is not. he cant be, he is older now.

the same goes of Javier Castellano..and Raphael Bejarano out in California. I noticed Castellano yesterday on Spinoff. he is fat and sleek..nowhere near the Castellano of 5-10 years ago. Cstellano seemed retired, taking it easy even if he is still working.
yesterday I don't think Castellano featured in any position in any race he rode in..that is he never even hit a tri in the races he rode in..and I don't know that he rode in any other race but the Belmont. Imagine a Belmont Day over the last little while when Castellano did not dominate, winning 5-6 races on the whole card?

me too! I am getting old but betting is not riding, less dangerous. but I keep forgetting! I am losing my mind..and my courage as I make silly mistakes all the time. like allyuh doh laff eh:

the only bet I took yesterday was in the 9 race I think, on the 3 horse ridden by Irad Ortiz...a show bet..$10 to show. the horse ran second at 8 to 1. later on when I had switched to Santa Anita, looking for my winnings there was none.
what! none?
I went into the record of my transactions and there it was: I had Belmont only on streaming video. I did not have the race interface for Belmont up. it was on Woodbine where it begins automatically. you have to manually select the track you are betting. if not it stays on Woodbine. and that is what I bet..$10 to show on the 3 at Woodbine not Belmont
so just like that I burn my money... $10..exactly like old man Johnny Velasquez does on horse that people bet a lot of money on and he gets himself thrown off the horse. imagine that eh..Johnny Vee thrown off a horse at high cost..a man born on a saddle

so lookl me in the Belmont talking away..so confused. that's how I have become now!

I would have snapped up this race a a minute ago, ate it for breakfast, lunch and tea. but that minute is gone now. so I farted around as confused as I have become and refused to bet fearful that I would do nonsense..then kick myself because I knew better,, had indeed picked the winners but changed my mind

its not so much age but low blood sugar. it eats away the mind. you have to keep your sugar levels up, balanced..an impossible task. if not you lose every time you crash..loose a bit of your bit. I keep missing things, forgetting the obvious, noting down things and forgetting about the note

I had Sir Winston dead to rights and came back and argued myself out of him. I tossed the right horses among whom shud have been Intrepid Heart...just because of johnny Velasquez riding him. Johnny Velasquez has not aged well..unlike Jose Lezcano who did a wonderful job on Joevia..just like I said he would but forgot about it

so talking about it was a tactic for me. it has helped me see how I am thinking now, how my mind is working and not working at all..how fearful I have begin because I don't want to lose money. I never lost a minute ago..and I don't want to lose now. if I cant fix this I will stop betting all entirely..I will just talk. if even that

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09 Jun 2019 14:32 - 09 Jun 2019 14:36 #372216 by ketchim
I took your analysis on Sir Winston .....canadian horse and all and that casse guy.
I play a 'Place" on Joevia because you highlighted him and he came 3rd
I did not take Tacitus cause his odds were not rewarding ...lol

Based on your picks and recommendations, I could have won the Triactor ;)
Last edit: 09 Jun 2019 14:36 by ketchim.

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