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India-China ties moving to new level

14 Dec 2018 18:32 #367572 by mapoui

The G20 in Argentina last weekend turned out to be of great significance for India-China relations. On the sidelines of the event, PM Modi and President Xi Jinping had occasion to interact thrice – one bilateral meeting and a second meeting of BRICS leaders were scheduled in advance and then, lo and behold, Russian President Vladimir Putin sprang a huge surprise on his Indian and Chinese colleagues by initiating a summit meeting in the Russia-India-China (RIC) format.

Modi and Xi instinctively warmed up to Putin’s initiative, which brought in a third India-China interaction on the sidelines of the G20. Predictably, for the Indian media with eyes riveted on what happens between the US and India the JAI (Japan-US-India) trilateral in Buenos Aires became the big event. How horribly naïve and ignorant our media people are! They missed the real action and mistook the shadows for the real.

One must be really moronic not to know that a trilateral involving Trump is an oxymoron. The man is so hopelessly distracted with his existential battles at home, and incoherent thinking, limited attention span and consumed by egomania that one wonders what actually transpired at the JAI behind closed doors. Interestingly, JAI was a non-event for the MEA website – unlike the BRICS and RIC summits.

The body language of the Russia-India-China summit and the BRICS event suggests that Modi, Putin and Xi have struck a personal rapport between and amongst them.

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