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Bolsonaro! Interesting.

06 Nov 2018 06:40 #366482 by mapoui

With Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil’s presidential election at the weekend, the doom-mongers among western elites are out in force once again. His success, like Donald Trump’s, has confirmed a long-held prejudice: that the people cannot be trusted; that, when empowered, they behave like a mob driven by primitive urges; that the unwashed masses now threaten to bring down the carefully constructed walls of civilisation.

The guardians of the status quo refused to learn the lesson of Trump’s election, and so it will be with Bolsonaro. Rather than engaging the intellectual faculties they claim as their exclusive preserve, western “analysts” and “experts” are again averting their gaze from anything that might help them understand what has driven our supposed democracies into the dark places inhabited by the new demagogues. Instead, as ever, the blame is being laid squarely at the door of social media.

Social media and fake news are apparently the reasons Bolsonaro won at the ballot box. Without the gatekeepers in place to limit access to the “free press” – itself the plaything of billionaires and global corporations, with brands and a bottom line to protect – the rabble has supposedly been freed to give expression to their innate bigotry.

Here is Simon Jenkins, a veteran British gatekeeper – a former editor of the Times of London who now writes a column in the Guardian – pontificating on Bolsonaro:

“The lesson for champions of open democracy is glaring. Its values cannot be taken for granted. When debate is no longer through regulated media, courts and institutions, politics will default to the mob. Social media – once hailed as an agent of global concord – has become the purveyor of falsity, anger and hatred. Its algorithms polarise opinion. Its pseudo-information drives argument to the extremes.”

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06 Nov 2018 16:20 #366511 by mapoui
so wat deh do...set up a sham socialism that was bound to fail with their spies Lula and Dilma.

the sham socialism fails they start to bal that socialism cyar wuk at all.. dat it is a failed idea that has long passed its shelf life.

den they use their fifth column to interpret the law in a wrong way, take it to the judiciary that they have long bought out and they called the wrong interpretation right.throw Lula in jail and take away the elected presidency from Dilma, dispossessing the peoples electoral decision

the put the Temer in place as president but he was not elected by the people. then they build up Bolsonaro in the failed socialist argument and rig the election fuh him to win.

the sweetest part here is how they have betrayed their spies Lula and Dilma, used them up and tossed them away like so much bunched up tissue

but the monster Bolsonaro is in place.

everybody sitting with baited breath for when he starts to chop up Brazil into little bloody pieces..and attacks Venezuela at the same time

and now the question" is who interferring in elections around the world: Russia or......?

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