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Here Ketchim: Bannon Tickets Fuh Free

31 Oct 2018 07:03 #366321 by mapoui
this is the big bad, bummy unkempt racist who freaked yuh rarse out Ketcim!! it looks like no one wants to hear him speak.

maybe deh doh want to eat while listening to him. deh fraid he upset de good food deh deh eat but had to pay for.

maybe deh will go for free..we will see. but I don't think so. what the Bannon secret agent skunt have to say leads nowhere but death. the people may not be as stupid as they deh still think we are

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31 Oct 2018 08:08 #366322 by mapoui
is ah simple cylce man..dat society keeps repeating with the skunt capitalist banking financiers all the time.

the cycle: they have in place levers that rape society..right now all societies on earth...save the Russian, Iranian, Chinese. Libya was one, Syria too. they took care of their people.

Venezuala is another trying to..Ecuador, Bolivia etc.

Brasil started to do it on a little scale with Lula and Dilma but deh were rather pink..not good enuff, still too capitalist so the people give dem a figah and went to the right for the Bolsanaro mad man. we will se how dat pans out.

but all the rest under the financiers and the american military power. and that is systematic financial rape which in a generation or three concentrates all the wealth in few hands. and the Khazars/converted Jews dominate dat.

so when the money concentrated there is nutten they can do. society have to die or revolutionize itself with new democratic rules. what deh do is to revolutionize in their own waywith war..world war that kills humans by the hundreds of millions, destroys whole nations and regions of the world, impoverishes everybody. that is waste to restart with loans again,,financial activity that concentrates again and repeats the cycle

but we dome to a day when there is lots of opposition to that. you see lots of people understnd whats going on and dont want it anymore because they are going to be th targets. Russia will loose half of its population again. western europe will .orse all..the chinse..africa will get wiiped.

and those that oppose now have the weapons to fry the revolutionizes for money..the money power. y

you see dat is what they did not expect and it terrorizes them. the traditional victims developed themselves and can now hit back., powerfully, totally. they can no longer be defeated or manipulated into their own destruction..into self-destructive behavior that ends in their own enslavement

so the imperial money power has nowhere to go save back home, already in its repetitive, cyclic financial crisis, to do what it can to preserve itself. and that at this point could mean only the enslavement of western society..population reduction and enslavement of those who survive..who are allowed to live

they cant even allow us to live the awful lives we have been allowed to live so far under capitalism. there are no more jobs to go around. they will be constantly looking behind them for the revolution of the people. to prevent that they will kill off the western people.

as misdirection they are developing one of the tools of control they have long established and kept shined-up and ready to go..RACISM! Hence Bannon

short of a global war that destroys everything, kills about half the human population of the planet, requiring a restart from scratch under banker financial rules of unlimited debt, they will have no alternative but to do it by outright genocide. they will poison the people by stealth.

as misdirection they are developing one of the tools of control they have long established and kept shined-up and ready to go..RACISM! Hence Bannon

it will be in the food and the water and the medicine. and when that ha taken its due nd the people are kilkaytay they will come out in the open and do the rest

the life we have lived so far..with wuk and taxes , with bad food and poor health system, degrading entertainment etc,,they cant even afford to allow us that anymore. they no longer have the destructive 'revolutionary' cycle to use on us so they must go straight to brave New world at this point

so they create a demi-god, a figure like Bannon is developing into.

at such times they always use those figure to capture the peoples imagination, an imagination they have filled with religion that has taught the people always to look for great men..never women,, to solve the social problems

looking for great men to solve the problems, the return of Jesus would be the ultimate, they settle for the Hitlers and Mussolinis and all that type. the list of those criminals in history is long but the system has them coming out of the wood works currently like they had them coming out at every such points historically

when we look back to 1914 and the first world war we had Wilson and this open and dat one. they are all over the history books but we now know they were all fake employed by the money power first to create the way them to conduct it in the interest of the money power

second world war same thing. Roosevelt, Churchill, Chamberlin, Hitler, Stalin. Truman etc. with the possible exception of Stalin they were all Satan's spawn in the employ of the bankers to create hell on earth, make maximum destruction and cause endless loss of life..and to allow the bankers afterward to run the entire reconstruction show.

and they are set up to do the same now, in this usual periodic financial crisis except the Russian and Chinese say no..not with us you wont. The Iranians say the same thing. and they all have evolved social systems that lead in different positive directions for their people that the world can follow

and the Chinese with the vast achievements over the past forty years have opened up ways forward for the world that do not involve periodic slaughter and sacrifice for the wealth of the bankers.

the Chinese are putting their money behind their mouth with the Silk Road projects..the BRI. they are including everybody in the world in their progress and success. the Globalist bankers are terrified, crazy, freaked out. their time has come. the human species can no longer afford the Jewish bankers and their period sacrifice of humanity to their blood gods

but you guys must look out Jesus like figures like Bannon the peoples have been taught to look for in times of crisis.

as I have said you can list them all in the past: Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill..all the American presidents. there has never ever been a line of humans as horrific as the american presidents have been. there has not been one of those figures who has not been an utterly crazy, mass-murdering lunatic and psychopath..from Washington to Trump and including Obama

the traditional victims wont be victimized anymore. Russia, China, Iran, all have weapons of mass destruction..better than those of the USA. they will no longer be enslaved and destroyed unilaterally. they too can destroy the world and first of all america and Israel

so america has no choice but to get out of the world and sty home..the end of empire..or stay in the world and start a fight the human species will lose.

and if america/the west, retreats within its borders, goes home, the elites will get serious about control of the west and that will mean our own slavery here. speeds up. the people in the west must be ready to deal with them or we are toast. its hppeneing before our eyes as we speak

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31 Oct 2018 08:09 #366323 by mapoui
I have to edit that thing a lil later. got to eat now..or I wont be able to think far less edit things :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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01 Nov 2018 10:27 #366357 by mapoui
I ent get tuh the edit yet but i sure allyuh cyan make some sense of it as it is. too busy right now

ketchim shud not dat it is not only Bannon running around in a fascist torpor, organizing racism in europe and america.... look at who emerge in Brazil.. look around and note fascism emerging all over the white world

this is how it happened as the war developed pre 1914...and pre 1939.

when the rich white man bleed society of all liquidity, concentrates all the cash in his few hands, and poverty burgeons consumes the people he starts to give them all kinds of examples of why they are in financial trouble that have nutten to do with the simple fact of his rip off

the rich man creates all kinds of diversionary activity in the world that fools white people into looking for and accepting saviors..the mad men who then carry out war, cleanse the world of people devastates property, wastes and ruins the world , making it ready for the capitalist start over and make over in preparation for war

look around allyuh nuh!!! I know a bit of history and all I can see is repeat..the same thing happening again.

all the mad med are the Hitler type demagogues who conform in some way or all ways to the SAVIOUR principle ensconced in religion.

IN CRISIS TOTALLY MANUFACTURED ..we end up looking for 'that' man to save us not realizing the simple reality that has been effectively hidden from the people ,substituting religion in its place..we believe that god is behind the crisis when it is nutten but everyday bankers, who have set up illegal financial systems in the economy/society that transfers all the wealth in society into their hands. t

hen these Bankers, who have corrupted and control every aspect of society, all of society including the priests, get their presidents and prime ministers to foment wars of destruction globally, smash what has been built-up, ruin everything, kill millions and millions of people, then start over again FINANCED BY THEM AT INTEREST AND TAXES ON THE PEOPLE! IT IS THE MARSHAL PLAN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

that is all to it ketchim. Bannon is a dog skunt agent, a demagogue who would like to be Hitler, whose name would be forever written in the pages of history, like Hitler's name has been ingrained, emblazoned on history by the DESTROYERS because they want us to know Hitler and be ready for him every time they decide to bring him to back, to genocide us into submission one more time

right now deh got Hitlers all over the world doing their nasty. Kagame in Africa, that arse just emerged in Brazil..the American president Trump and Obama before Trump

the only one who took some real work was Putin in Russia. Putin is one of them too..not totally a Hitler but for him alone the USA and Russia would be in bed, naked, taking advantage of each other.

the only reason Russia/USA not in bed doing the global nasty together, is because the Jews, the Khazars have an unbreakable, unshakeable hatred for/of the Russians they can expiate only by killing all Russians, if they can, taking their land and making of it an extractive industrial wasteland of raw materials, to feed their wealth and domination of the planet.

the formative Russians once made a deal with the Byzantine empire, the East Romans, against the old Khazar state that betrayed the Khazar converted Jew and left them in ruins, their women and children decimated, their cities devastated. the men had gone to war and so their home was unprotected and the Rus' and Byzantines unlossed some killer Tribes on the helpless Khazar population

there was one European tribe involved I believe studs all European history as the most vicious, murderous and horrifically awful people ever, in all time. I tend to remember their old name..the GUZZ!

I don't know whom the Guzz have evolved into currently among the european people, but at that point they were also unleashed on the Khazar state in that betrayal. they ripped up Khazaria an weakened it made it susceptible to subsequent Mongol invasion and their ultimate dispersal into europe, the state destroyed.

and so they lost their nation as a direct result of formative Rus' betrayal and they have never forgotten nor forgiven. that is ho come they organized the Russian revolution, killed the Russian royal family mercilessly and from the indies as they were the Russian revolution beat the hell out of the Russians during its early part.

then they set up Hitler to invade Russia in a seas of Russian and German blood..mostly Russian blood.

Ultimately Stalin got them all..the Jewish Leaders of the Russian revolution including Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) whom Stalin;s agent assassinated by an ice pick driven into Trotsky's brain in some part of Mexico where he was hiding out

but the Jews never forget and never forgive those who have done ill to them. and their intent is to kill Russia/Russians period. no one and no nation by their clculation have done more evil to them than Russia and the Rus. at least that is what I understand they think of the Russians

the Jews control american and there is no way in hell they will allow the development of a unity of global purpose between the Rus and the Americas. that would not be good for the world and worse for the Jews.

so in a sense the Russian/American stand-off is good for the world..the two top white dominated war-like white nations, both racist and capitalist coming together to dominate the world. that would be bad for the Jews Israel too. so by its control of the USA the Jews keep both at each others throats even as Putin froths at the mouth in effort to 'make a relationship between the USA and Russia'

the Jews wont let it happen. but the Jews must also contend with the periodic total financial crisis they create by their own global financial criminality against the people of the world..which is really problematic because of the weaponry now available that will blow the entire planet.

somehow the Jews must finesse a war that kills and destroys at max but leaves the planet intact. they must get genocides everywhere especially in Africa ...and in India too...but India is not a problem like Africa. the Indian elites would kill off their massive working classes easy. they too have no need for them and do not think of them in great terms..especially the Sudra

here may be this or that part of the African elite that would agree to that but not a whole lot of them

and in that process they must also rid themselves of all their existential enemies including first and foremost and totally the Rus'

that enmity between the Khazar Jews/the Jewish engendered economic crisis and its traditional form or resolution is what is behind the current crisis which contains element the previous occasions did not contain..weapons of total destruction of humanity.

it cant happen piece-meal anymore. this time the whole cake will be destroyed

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01 Nov 2018 15:37 - 01 Nov 2018 15:37 #366371 by ketchim
Ooooppps, sorry I did not know you knew the Munk debates were on tomorrow !

IF you coming lemme know : there may be an open chat period.

I have a few things to grill him over on his real thoughts on white supremacy;)
Last edit: 01 Nov 2018 15:37 by ketchim.

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03 Nov 2018 11:32 #366421 by ketchim
“It shouldn’t be lost on you,”

that Angela Merkel is leaving German politics
Jair Bolsonaro takes over Brazilian politics.

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03 Nov 2018 13:00 #366423 by mapoui
lost on me how?

Bolsonaro was manipulated into power. it was not a free and fair election. for the answer ask Cambridge Analytica

who is to follow Merkel...Hitler?

Look out!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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03 Nov 2018 13:02 #366424 by mapoui
I wud not be sooprised if deh had Hitler in stasis all the time..wake the skunt up and trot him out again at this time which is his time around once again

:silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

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