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Guyanese who holds multiple entry visitors visas

13 Jun 2018 11:52 #363667 by chairman
New York – Guyanese who holds multiple entry visitors visas to the United States, and have been using their visiting time to work, make “anchor babies”, or commit other illegalities in the US (even in the past), now runs the risk of being refused entry on their next trip to the United States, face possible visa revocation, or being granted no more than a month to remain in the US.

This has since resulted in the visas of a number of Guyanese being canceled upon arrival, while others were either simply denied entry, or granted less time than they had requested.

Several travelers are now baffled as to what may have triggered the change of entry policy.

A report in the New York Times had reminded visitors visas holders from the world over, that being in possession of a US visa does not grant anyone automatic entry into the US

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