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THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: Second Day of Fall....
« Last post by CHAIRMAN on Today at 02:31 PM »
THE CONVERSATION TREE / Second Day of Fall....
« Last post by mapoui on Today at 02:18 PM »
Great day all get you some before its all gone.

 :D :D :D :D
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Gayle reveals new drinking partner
« Last post by timmyj51 on Today at 01:32 PM »
Yuh, muhn!  Rasta cricket fur las twenty yeers jiz bin MONKEYSHINES!!!!    ;) ;) ;)
send him to england

for some ODI
Pope Francis has acknowledged that the Catholic Church’s record on child sex abuse was not only flawed but “the consciousness of the church arrived a bit late.” Speaking to an advisory panel on child protection Thursday, the pope continued, “When the consciousness arrives late, the means to resolve the problem arrive late. Perhaps the old practice of moving people around, and not confronting the problem, kept consciences asleep.” The Vatican is again facing scrutiny over a priest and diplomat who is suspected of breaking child-pornography laws in the U.S.
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Gayle reveals new drinking partner
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 01:13 PM »
timmyj, Charlie actually understands yuh gibberish !

whoa Monkey !  ::LOL::
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Gayle reveals new drinking partner
« Last post by timmyj51 on Today at 11:05 AM »
UniBoss groomin' little critter as opnin' pard!  Desperate for run support!   Next big Rasta opnin' duo: Frank/Everton;
Des/Gordy....UniBoss 'n CharlieChimp!!!!    ::love:: ::love:: ::love::
Facebook Messenger is about to get a lot smarter at anticipating what you want to say next

Facebook's Messenger chat app is getting smarter with "quick replies" that you can send with a tap.
Source: Facebook Messenger is about to get a lot smarter at anticipating what you want to say next
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Gayle reveals new drinking partner
« Last post by mapoui on Today at 08:44 AM »
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Refresh History
  • mapoui: salads chass n-ritis right away.  cant get in ::LOL:: ::LOL::
    Today at 02:13 PM
  • mapoui: had a salad with broken up cheddar, olive oil and salamy slices cut into small cubes
    Today at 02:10 PM
  • ketchim: nijjeritis stepping in...
    Today at 01:22 PM
  • ketchim: just had provision wid sal fish
    Today at 01:22 PM
  • ketchim: play Shiv !
    Today at 01:10 PM
  • CHAIRMAN: Ashes hopeful Haseeb Hameed fractures finger batting for Lancashire
    Today at 07:53 AM
  • ketchim: I agree place cold for finger spin..and Ambris need a knock..
    Yesterday at 03:18 PM
    Yesterday at 03:15 PM
  • TRINIDADDY: i think rain saved us from another loss
    Yesterday at 03:11 PM
  • TRINIDADDY: Cummins is a waste of time, but Bishoo aint been bowling well in Eng either. I woulda played Gabriel and Ambris
    Yesterday at 03:10 PM
  • mapoui: by the time Viv was 38 he was gone
    Yesterday at 11:34 AM
  • mapoui: well he is not shive..too big, ponderous.  38 is way past his time
    Yesterday at 11:13 AM
  • ketchim: I see Cummins replaced Bishoo : pace for spin ..
    Yesterday at 10:10 AM
  • ketchim: Maps is the man birthday todaY : He is 38 and gone for a Scan..
    Yesterday at 09:52 AM
  • ketchim: Belle, fwd me that Link please
    Yesterday at 09:49 AM
  • ketchim: Bishoo was dropped : still raining !
    Yesterday at 09:49 AM
  • mapoui: from some 2 years ago it appears to have begun.  his ambiotion to keep onplaying is fine..but I will not hold my breath..nor advise the cWI to seelect him, or work on the basis that he will be available for much longer
    Yesterday at 09:43 AM
  • VillageBelle: WTH.......all of a sudden I am getting the CITIZEN'S REPORT INC, mail in my inbox.  looks like some type of Guyana Political paper.  as I have very little interest in GY politics.....I unsubscribed! :)
    Yesterday at 09:42 AM
  • mapoui: I saw Gayles frailty some 2 years ago.  he is 37 and has played a lot of cricket.  he will have to retire soon.  his body is almost out now
    Yesterday at 09:41 AM
  • VillageBelle: Good Morning!!!
    Yesterday at 09:40 AM
  • TRINIDADDY: and Gayle is a breakdown machine
    Yesterday at 09:39 AM
  • TRINIDADDY: Jerome Taylor is a waste of time ODI bowler
    Yesterday at 09:39 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: rain
    Yesterday at 09:11 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: Rain stops play with Eng 21-0 off 2.2 overs
    Yesterday at 07:46 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: Chris Gayle is injured and hence replaced by Kyle Hope
    Yesterday at 07:36 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: Alex Hales and Jonny Bairstow will open the innings for England. Skipper Jason Holder to to bowl the opening over.
    Yesterday at 07:35 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: Kumar Sangakkara. What a season. Whatever, whoever the bowling - it all ends up in the boundary boards.
    09/20/2017, 05:58 PM
  • CHAIRMAN: State of emergency has been declared in Dominica.  Curfew will be enforced. Curfew hours will be decided.” – Dr. Didacus Jules, Director General Of The Organization Of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)
    09/20/2017, 03:47 PM
  • CHAIRMAN: England will name their squad for the Ashes next week.
    09/20/2017, 08:00 AM
  • CHAIRMAN: CWI announced on Tuesday a 13-member West Indies “A” squad for the first two 'Tests' of their home series against Sri Lanka “A” next month
    09/19/2017, 05:13 PM

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