Author Topic: Toronto Board of Trade Crowd Laughs at Rob Ford  (Read 87 times)

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Toronto Board of Trade Crowd Laughs at Rob Ford
« on: 09/04/2014, 05:02 PM »

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford called a business crowd "elitist" after the crowd laughed repeatedly at him during a debate ahead of next month's election.

The scandal-plagued mayor became an international celebrity last year after he acknowledged using crack in a "drunken stupor" after months of denials. Ford returned to work June 30 after a two-month rehab stint for drug and alcohol abuse. His behavior embarrassed many residents of Canada's largest city.

Ford took part in a debate at the Toronto Region Board of Trade on Thursday. When John Tory, a candidate running to replace Ford in the Oct. 27 election, poked holes into some of Ford's arguments the crowd laughed mockingly at Ford.

Ford later said "they can laugh all they want. I have a proven track record of success."
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Re: Toronto Board of Trade Crowd Laughs at Rob Ford
« Reply #1 on: 09/04/2014, 05:24 PM »
thats true aspect of you that I like..the way you have attacked the elites by your mere presence as elected mayor.

were you not a jackass you could have made dat count. but alas.....!


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