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THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: What do you think about this guy?
« Last post by Casiox on Today at 12:23 AM »
CasioX your from Venezuela?

interesting - the Jason Bourne movie opened July 29, 2016

the Venezuela box office raked in 92K for the movie....

The movie is available in Caracas, I am from Anzoategui, "Detective" ;)
The experience factor is a concern. I do think there is some merit to the intangibles a veteran can bring to the side, especially in testing conditions. Provided the veteran can produce something tangible - whether that be runs, wickets or being a difference maker in the field.

I am very much a firm believer in players being selected on merit for future production and not on past performances. Teams get in trouble when they continue to stick with aging veterans that can no longer produce - a good example of this is South Africa's Test struggles in recent years. Australia have always been ahead of the curve in this regard, dropping players a year too early as opposed to a year too late.

It took a long time for the England selectors to start afresh with the limited over sides. The old guard was finally phased out after the disastrous World Cup in 2015, and that has paid great dividends. The younger players have made a huge difference and suddenly England's limited over teams can compete with the best in the world. I can only hope that the selectors take the same viewpoint when it comes to selecting the Test side for the forthcoming tour. Be brave and build for the future.
THE PITCH / Re: Runs win matches
« Last post by dillinger10 on Yesterday at 08:29 PM »
One of Pakistan's biggest strengths over the last two years is their overall consistency. Their only major weak spot has been their opening pair. And even with that, Pakistan still have the highest team batting average (42.56) over this period.

Due to their consistency, Pakistan have debuted just 4 players over this period - the second fewest (only India (3 players) have debuted fewer)). By contrast Sri Lanka and West Indies have had 10 players make their Test debuts over this same period.

It will be interesting to see how Pakistan fare once Misbah and Younis Khan retire (assuming they are mere mortals and don't carry on until their 50s). Losing those two at some point in the near future will create a gaping hole in their lineup, much like the losses of Sangakkara and Jayawardene have hurt Sri Lanka.
THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: 5243th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna
« Last post by Kwami on Yesterday at 08:01 PM »
« Last post by timmyj51 on Yesterday at 07:37 PM »
Guyana cricket mafia OUT...Punjabi cricket mafia IN     :'( :'( :'(
THE PITCH / Re: 1st ODI: England v Pakistan at Southampton
« Last post by dillinger10 on Yesterday at 07:30 PM »
A very solid all round performance from England today. I thought the bowlers were outstanding, and did brilliant to restrict Pakistan to a very modest total. They kept chipping away and took wickets at vital moments to stiffle any moment Pakistan looked to be gaining. Inspired captaincy from Morgan to bring on Root to bowl, and it paid off instantly. It was a very stop start performance from Pakistan, though I thought Sarfraz looked real class.

On the batting side, it was good to see Roy continuing to build off his two centuries against Sri Lanka. Root will surely be having a few words with his skipper. A shocking call from Morgan. All in all, this was a great start to the series for the hosts. A shame the weather intervened.
THE PITCH / Re: Sri Lanka square the series with an 82-run win in Colombo.
« Last post by Mail on Yesterday at 07:06 PM »
THE PITCH / Re: Congratulations Guyana U 19
« Last post by Mail on Yesterday at 07:06 PM »
The point is the Guyanans are winning these tournaments which is great but the fact remains they are not producing any players of note. What in that statement is inaccurate?

They have won it the last 3 years which is an achievement but if it does not translate to players getting into the West indian ranks what is the point.

There is however a problem with the selection criteria as players are not really given a good enough run to develop and that is more important for the west Indies because of the paucity of the domestic competition.

We have done the same nonsense with Robson, Lyth, Carberry, Compton, Ali etc.
THE PITCH / Re: Phil Simmons Trini Comess
« Last post by Mail on Yesterday at 07:00 PM »
It was sad to see Shiv go but if we are to be honest, Shiv was batting with fear in his eyes and his movement.

If you compare him to Misbah, Misbah is not only fit, as was Shiv, but he is very consistent.

All said, he was unceremoniously dumped by the Chairman of Selectors who is responsible for selection. I believe that was Clive Lloyd.

Bravo is still the best batsman around and of course he needs to produce the goods.
THE PITCH / Re: What is your personal batting high-score?
« Last post by Mail on Yesterday at 06:57 PM »
168 in anon league game.

143 in a league game.
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