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THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: **** Je Suis Chin ****
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 04:45 PM »
Why does Ketchie want to ignore me and Belle?
Ignore Belle and Mes : they are not here to experience

the annoyance and stupidity on an hourly or daily basis !

they just post in a flippant manner on this issue 

Mes , the ONLY reason:  lemme repeat !!

were you guys regular posters Chin would mess up your thread DAILY  !

Mail of course is mighty pleased when Chin his LapDog

Je Suis shows ZERO support for Chin  :P
THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: My Swimsuits recommended
« Last post by NormaD on Today at 04:34 PM »
NormaD...this would be great in South Africa: Slinky Minki comes to mind !

Yeah it would be, except that we're right in the middle of winter right now...
« Last post by NormaD on Today at 04:32 PM »
I think they are right. Maybe the post you are looking for didn't stir up any interest and it got bumped off the top by other more interesting topics. Which one is it that you think disappeared? Just out of curiosity...
« Last post by NormaD on Today at 04:29 PM »
I'm one of those people with their heads forever buried in their phones and walking aimlessly about the place. I'm only on level 2 but it's looking promising so far, the game I mean. Looks to be really interesting and addictive.
Constantly. I'm one of those people who talks first, then thinks. I say whatever comes to my mind and I wear my heart on my sleeve so it's usually really hard to hide what I'm feeling when I'm saying something. That doesn't always go down well with some people.
One time I complimented a Guyanese.

The Trinidadian community has ostracized me ever since.
THE PITCH / Re: Windies, Afghanistan confirm series
« Last post by DragonWarLord on Today at 04:07 PM »
Awesome, I hadn't heard about that. This should be good! Well deserved to pair these two for some good play
THE PITCH / Re: West Indies Regional U19 Tournament 2016 Fixtures
« Last post by Chin on Today at 03:49 PM »
Trinidad & Tobago U19 vs Barbados U19 2016

West Indies 3 Day Regional U19 2016
Trinidad & Tobago U19 vs Barbados U19
Date: 27 Jul 2016, 10:00 AM
Venue: Arnos Vale Playing Field
Match Format: Unlimited Overs
Duration: 3 days
Season: 2016 Season
Trinidad & Tobago U19 XI: Brandon Maharaj, Bry@n Boodram, Cephas Cooper, Dejourn Charles, Jarlanie Seales, Jonathan Bootan, Joshua Da Silva, Keagan Simmons, Kirstan Kallicharan, Saiba Batoosingh, Shatrughan Rambaran

Barbados U19 XI: Chemar Holder, Dante Niles, Deswin Currency, Dominic Drakes, Khalil Herbert, Leniko Boucher, Nicholas Kirton, Shem Watson, Shian Brathwaite, Tremaine Harris, Yvan Grant

Match State: In Progress
T&TU19's InnsRBFM4s6sSR

Keagan Simmons ct Shem Watson b Chemar Holder 0
Dejourn Charles run out Nicholas Kirton 51
Cephas Cooper ct Shian Brathwaite b Dominic Drakes 59
Kirstan Kallicharan ct b Leniko Boucher 110
Brandon Maharaj ct Yvan Grant b Leniko Boucher 5
Saiba Batoosingh ct Shem Watson b Leniko Boucher 1
Bry@n Boodram not out 77
Extras(B 1, N 1)

Total    312(2.95 RPO)(6 wickets; 89,4 overs)

Guyana U19 Vs Jamaica U19 2016

West Indies 3 Day Regional U19 2016
Guyana U19 vs Jamaica U19
Date: 27 Jul 2016, 10:00 AM
Venue: Park Hill Playing Field
Match Format: Unlimited Overs
Duration: 3 days
Season: 2016 Season
Match State: In Progress

JAMU19's Inns
Keshawn Bealect b Akenie Adams 13
Jordane Hill b Bhaskar Yadram 24
Brad Barnes ct Joshua Persaud b Bhaskar Yadram 0
Javelle Glenn ct Raymond Perez b Akenie Adams 5
Tyrone Daley b Akenie Adams 4
Michael Frew not out 20
Jeavor Royal not out 16
Extras6(B 2, LB 1, N 3)

Total    97 (2.51 RPO)  35 overs

Jamaica all out for 143, royal 53. Guyana about 100-4. Renee 55.

Windward Islands U19 vs Leeward Islands U19 2016

West Indies 3 Day Regional U19 2016
Windward Islands U19 vs Leeward Islands U19
Date: 27 Jul 2016, 10:00 AM
Venue: Sion Hill Playing Field
Match Format: Unlimited Overs
Duration: 3 days
Season: 2016 Season

Windward Islands U19 XI: Alick Athanaze, Anil Matthew, Deon Burton, Emmanuel Stewart, Johann Jeremiah, Johnel Eugene, Jonathon Taylor, Kassim Peltier, Othneil Lewis, Rasheed Fredericks, ry@n John

Leeward Islands U19 XI: Camron Pennyfeather, Daniel Doram, Jaeel Clark, javy Benjamin, Jerrickson Louis, Karima Gore, Kian Pemberton, Kofi James, Mrinal Wadwha, Ross Powell, Tyrone Williams
Match State: In Progress

WWIU19's Inns

Johann Jeremiah ct Mrinal Wadwha b Kian Pemberton 0
Anil Matthewct Mrinal Wadwha b Kian Pemberton 23
Alick Athanaze ct Kian Pemberton b Mrinal Wadwha 39
Emmanuel Stewart ct & b Kian Pemberton 0
Johnel Eugene ct javy Benjamin b Kofi James 8
Deon Burton b Daniel Doram 7
ry@n John ct Mrinal Wadwha b Daniel Doram 6
Othneil Lewis lbw b Kofi James 10
Kassim Peltier ct Kofi James b Daniel Doram 6
Rasheed Fredericks112008lbw b Kofi James 1
Jonathon Taylor not out 0
Extras(B 1, LB 3, W 3, N 2)

Total  109   (2.04 RPO)(10 wickets; 53.2 overs)

LIU19's Inns
Tyrone Williams lbw b ry@n John 13
Ross Powell not out  24
Kofi James ct Johann Jeremiah b Kassim Peltier 1
Karima Gore run out Othneil Lewis 7
Camron Pennyfeather ct Anil Matthew b Othneil Lewis 8
Jaeel Clark  not out 15
Extras(B 1, N 3)

Total 75 (2.55 RPO)(4 wicket; 30 overs)

Will update at the End of Today's play .....
THE CONVERSATION TREE / Re: Can some one tell me why I was banned ?
« Last post by mapoui on Today at 03:39 PM »
ok chim.....


that is 651,079 thousands...out of total electorate ::confused::

now what is the distribution by the numbers and ethnicity, by party affiliation, economic class etc....

what is the breakdown of the total electorate by ethnicity.  if we knew that it might help a many indo and afro voters. 

i know there are more Indos than afros but  if the size of the electorate is like what 800K in a pop of 2.2 million... then 650 out of 8 or 900k there is no way those totals do not comprise across the board voters of all ethnicities in Trinidad

only with a complete breakdown can we tell or know answers to the questions that beg from your attack on Manning.  simple comparison on broad numbers do not cut it.  I thought you were going to bring a real breakdown.

and anyway you emphasis is wrong aspect.  PNM almost doubled the total votes of both opposition parties..and did so individually in at least one instance.  some emphasis could have been placed on that salient fact. 

and there is no way in hell that PNM vote compromises entirely black people.  not by a long shot.  the Indo vote in Titty is no block or monolith vote.  neither is the black vote.

you have to get a real breakdown.  wat you put up deh wun wuk..or doh wuk >:( >:( >:(
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