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Refresh History
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: :P
    Yesterday at 04:25 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: :p
    Yesterday at 04:24 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: did Chair return the alleged donations?
    Yesterday at 04:24 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: ah  i c
    Yesterday at 04:24 PM
  • ketchim: so cant really say he ran...Chair dumped him !  :-[
    Yesterday at 04:19 PM
  • ketchim: I told Chair whom he really is and Chaier deleted his account !
    Yesterday at 04:19 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: is that why he ran?
    Yesterday at 04:12 PM
  • ketchim: he now knows I know all  ;)
    Yesterday at 03:55 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: lol
    Yesterday at 03:46 PM
  • ketchim: I will release 1 conviction and 1 case at a time !
    Yesterday at 03:43 PM
  • ketchim: sgt as well ! muss ask him about the sweat pants for blue Jeans con job case !
    Yesterday at 03:43 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: no wonder he got confused
    Yesterday at 03:42 PM
  • ketchim: yeah, yeah: jusr after jail He sounds like she  :-[
    Yesterday at 03:42 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: :D
    Yesterday at 03:41 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: so she is really a he
    Yesterday at 03:41 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: sgtjones too?
    Yesterday at 03:41 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: ohhhh
    Yesterday at 03:40 PM
  • ketchim: *when
    Yesterday at 03:37 PM
  • ketchim: whe I checked ! ::LOL::
    Yesterday at 03:37 PM
  • ketchim: real name in Hamilton court system...
    Yesterday at 03:36 PM
  • ketchim: Chin, Socafighter et al
    Yesterday at 03:36 PM
  • Goog Lee, P.I.: who is Kenny?
    Yesterday at 03:28 PM
  • ketchim: and what the Judge seh b4 sentencing LoL ! :)
    Yesterday at 02:45 PM
  • ketchim: Kenny come tell us about the sweat pants for blue jeans Story  ::LOL::
    Yesterday at 02:33 PM
  • ketchim: and Mail Socafighter talk to me ..and Chadee threads hehehe ;Da
    Yesterday at 02:01 PM
  • ketchim: Kenny Persaud as a Guest ?? reading him Chin threads ! lol :P
    Yesterday at 02:00 PM
  • ketchim: Oscar PĂ©rez :Maduro has declared him a terrorist, accusing him of stealing a military helicopter and dropping grenades on the court to mount a coup.
    Yesterday at 12:14 PM
  • ketchim: [link]
    Yesterday at 12:10 PM
  • ketchim: ex policeman and the "criminal government"
    Yesterday at 12:09 PM
  • ketchim: naaah..4 grenades dropped on the supreme Court from a Chopper !
    Yesterday at 12:08 PM

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