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South African left arm spinner Tabraiz Shamsi should be banned for a few matches according to local cricket officials.

Shamsi has been fined 50% of his match fee after admitting to a Level 2 breach of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) code of conduct during the tournament’s final on Saturday night while playing for the St Kitts & Nevis Patriots against the Trinbago Knight Riders at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba.

The incident happened when Shamsi showed what the match officials described as serious dissent when an LBW decision was turned down off the last ball of the 13th over by Gregory Brathwaite, one of the match umpires. Shamsi admitted the offence and accepted the sanction of a fine of 50% of his match fee.

However, this decision did not go down well with former West Indies opener and Barbados captain Philo Wallace. He said:"That display was very poor, I was on commentary and could not believe what I was seeing, it was very embarrassing for umpire Gregory Brathwaite. Now to hear that he has just gotten only a 50 percent fine it is disappointing. He should be banned for at least a couple games. We need to send these guys a message because I don't think he would have gotten on like that in South Africa, where he resides."

Another former cricketer in the form of Ganesh Mahabir was also not happy with what he saw: "This guy has not been getting on like a cricketer at all during the CPL. His actions in the final was really upsetting and he should have been dealt with. Even before this final I saw him looking as if he was cursing when things didn't go his way. He definitely didn't get on like a gentleman and he should have been dealt in terms of missing some games later on."

President of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB), Azim Bassarath was in agreement that Shamsi got off too easily and said: "His display was ridiculous and we cannot continue to allow this in our cricket. He should have at least gotten a ban for a few games for this behaviour. Imagine the 15,000 people at the crowd and the millions looking on television seeing such behaviour, it does not send a good message for cricket. What was even worse was the fact that umpire Brathwaite got the decision right. Even if he didn't, that was still not the way for any cricketer to behanve. Guys like these come here to the Caribbean and take everything lightly, we need to send them a strong message."
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Re: Officials call for Tabraiz Shamsi to be... ‘BANNED’
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He was immitating Trini dave mohamed anticswith a shoe phone  :P
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